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Peter Rowland

Peter Rowland is inspired by nature! He is a wildlife conservationist, educator, writer and nature photographer, who worked at the Australian Natural History Museum for a period spanning a little over 20 years. He has traveled extensively throughout Australia as a biodiversity consultant, and has written and co-authored 10 books and 5 scientific articles on the wildlife of Australia and New Guinea. Peter's most recent titles include: A Naturalist's Guide to the Insects of Australia; A Naturalist's Guide to Frogs of Australia; Australia's Birdwatching Megaspots; A Naturalist's Guide to the Dangerous Creatures of Australia; A Naturalist's Guide to the Mammals of Australia; and, A Naturalist's Guide to the Reptiles of Australia. He is currently working on two new titles: A Naturalist's Guide to the Butterflies of Australia and The Wildlife of Australia's Rainforests. In 1999, Peter received a Whitley Award from the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales for his book: Green Guide to the Birds of Australia. Peter also writes a regular 'Bird Nerd' column for the Australian Geographic magazine.

Peter is a member of Australia's Wildlife Group, an organisation that was formed to provide information to nature enthusiasts and tourists who want to get the best out of their travels, and contributes regularly to their blog and social media pages.

You can follow Peter's personal photography and writing journey at Peter Rowland Photographer and Writer