About Us

Founded in 2003 as SLR Image Library, and changed to its current name in 2012 to reflect the changing face of image capturing devices, Kape Images is a 100% Australian owned, family business.

Kape Images has recently been expanded and revitalised, with its sole aim to provide a resource for authors, advertisers, publishers and media designers to be able to access the growing number of high quality images taken by specialist field researchers and other wildlife professionals, in addition to the growing number of high quality wildlife and nature photographers.

The goal was to allow each contributing photographer to set the price that they feel that their material is worth, rather than having a one price fits all service. In this way, the customer is able to find the best image available at a competitive price.

Kape Images currently has over 30,000 images available, with this number growing on a daily basis. If you cannot find the image you are looking for on this site, please contact us and we will try and source what you are looking for, or commission one to be taken for your project.