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WWF Australia Adoption

December 1, 2020 | Adoption

Kape Images Continues to Support WWF Australia

We have been proudly donating to WWF Australia every month for the past 3 three years as part of the organisation’s Turtle Adoption program. These donations are directly used by WWF Australia to supporting their research on our amazing Green Turtles and assist their protection for future generations.

“The green turtle is one of seven marine turtle species, six of which are found in Australian waters. Their home is a world of indescribable colour and they glide through the most brilliant, sapphire-blue waters on Earth, alive with fish of every fantastic shape and size.

Australia supports the largest remaining green turtle breeding populations of the world, with major breeding sites occuring on islands off the northern Great Barrier Reef. But they face threats from loss of nesting beaches to coastal development, accidental capture by longline fishing and nets, predation of eggs by feral animals and entanglement or ingestion or marine debris.” – WWF Australia

Every image purchased from the Kape Images Image Library helps us support the great organisations that are working hard to protect our environment and the wildlife that depend upon it!

If you want to sponsor your own turtle (or any other animal for that matter) you can visit the WWF Australia page here.